USFWS Eagle Conservation Plan Guidance: Module 1 - Land-based Wind Energy (v2)

The desire for an increase in domestic and renewable energies has resulted in the development of specific guidance to help make wind energy facilities compatible with eagle conservation and the laws and regulations that protect eagles.

The Eagle Conservation Plan Guidance document provides guidance for the siting, construction, and operation of wind energy facilities in a manner that conserves Bald and Golden eagles.

The plan defines a number of stages:

  • Stage 1: Initial site assessment
  • Stage 2: Site-specific surveys and assessments
  • Stage 3: Predicting eagle fatalities
  • Stage 4: Avoidance and minimization of risk using conservation measures and ACPs and compensatory mitigation (if required)
  • Permit Decision
  • Stage 5: Calibration and updating of the fatality prediction and continued risk assessment


Bald eagle. USFWS.

Bald Eagle. USFWS image.



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