• Several counties in Nebraska have zoning regulations or ordinances for wind energy facilities. Other counties have zoning and planning departments, but may not outline zoning for wind energy. Still others have no zoning and planning. If you do not see a hyperlink on a county below, it does not mean the county does not have zoning.
  • Approximately half of the counties with zoning regulations have setbacks from wind turbines required.
  • The most common setback for commercial scale wind turbines is 600 feet from Public Conservation Lands and Wetlands .
  • Most of the counties with zoning regulations for wind energy have noise standards established. The most common standard for commercial wind turbines is 50 dBA.
  • Wind Energy Guide for County Commissioners is a Wind Powering America publication designed to provide county commissioners, planners, and other local county government officials with a practical overview of information required to successfully implement commercial wind energy projects in their county.

Zoning Regulations in Nebraska


To access County Zoning Regulations for wind energy developments (last updated 2/2016), click on the county name below: