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Important Rivers for Waterfowl in Nebraska

Many of Nebraska's rivers are important for populations of waterfowl during the winter months. These rivers and the surrounding habitats provide open water and food for waterfowl. Rivers important for waterfowl were identified based on aerial surveys conducted at regular intervals.

North Platte River BUL

The most important area in the Panhandle for migratory waterfowl and is important at a statewide scale as well.

Snake River

Three-fourths of Nebraska's wintering population of Trumpeter Swan (Tier 1, G4/S2, and ranked as imperiled or vulnerable in all states in its range) occurs along the Snake River. The Snake River downstream from Highway 61 and the reservoir are of particular importance.

Middle Loup, North Loup, Blue Creek, Birdwood Creek

Portions of these streams and rivers are important for over-wintering Trumpeter Swan. The portions of the North Loup and Middle Loup are two areas which stand out among the rest as having repeated use by large numbers of wintering Trumpeter Swans.

Important Rivers for Waterfowl in Nebraska


How this map was used: Buffers on the rivers important to waterfowl were classified as Medium Relative Sensitivity and Moderate Mitigation Areas. Portions of the streams and rivers that are particularly important to waterfowl, including Trumpeter Swans were classified as High Relative Sensitivity and Maximum Mitigation Areas.